Freedom from self-doubt

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. A former felon, turned doctor, clinical director, and professor, Dr. B J Davis is living proof that our past doesn’t dictate our future. Our past can refine us. He shares his story of coming to the realization that he needed to create own miracle.

Dr. Davis is the Director of Strategies for Change, a substance abuse and mental health treatment agency. He is also the author of the movie “What is Recovery?” In addition to his doctorate, Davis has a dual BA in philosophy and religion, and masters’ degrees in psychology and counseling. Aside from working at Strategies, he is a Professor in the Forensic and Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program and consultant to the Sacramento Aids Housing Alliance.

It is his history that allows Dr. Davis to speak with authority. A recovering drug addict, Davis spent time in State and Federal prisons, until he found people who believed in him, then a reason to believe in himself. Rather than drugs he depended on praise, and used that to become a director, a doctor, and a mentor. He now uses his unique background in addiction, recovery, and counseling to encourage others to believe in themselves.

American Plutocracy: A Banned TED Talk




  • The corrupt edifice of capitalism in America
  • Disparity between the middle class and the wealthy .01%
  • The wealthy are given tax breaks under the pretext that they are job creators, when in fact the middle class are the job creators due to their spending power
  • He proposes a higher median income for workers as this would create a positive feedback loop of increasing spending power, hence benefitting businesses.
  • His TED talk in March 1,2012 was banned by the TED curator, Chris Anderson because it was deemed ‘ too political’ and ‘explicitly partisan’.



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