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You know how people do shopping hauls where they display all the make-up and stuff they buy? Yeah, I don’t understand it either, but you know those right? How about a book haul for nerds? How many times have you stood in a bookstore or checking out Amazon or the Bookdepository not knowing what to buy ? So many books, where do you turn? And you have that itch where you desperately need money to change hands and you just have to go home with a book or six? No? Just me? Oh well, anyhoo, these are my picks. I haven’t read ’em all. But I can vet for every single one of them. Yes, I do judge books by their covers ;D

Read, indulge, order ( not plugging any of these books) and you can thank me later when your mind blows and brains splatter all over the wall. Eww. ( but protect the pages).






This book by Dr. Dweck is one of those books that completely shift your way of viewing the world. It goes way beyond mantras and meditation – it goes to the bottom of negativity and fear of failure. 











in the meantime

I’m averse to all things labelled self-help, and I’m a staunch skeptic. Having said that, I was surprised by the author, Iyanla Vanzant, and this book. It’s simple and straightforward, without esoteric lingo and new-agey stuff that is as clear as dishwater. It’s about love, and how- or rather why- we attract people we absolutely don’t want, while the ones we do want are ever elusive. The premises of this book is simple; work on your self. Love yourself. And you’ll get what you are.




The art of loving bookThis book sets the record straight on what love isn’t. All that mushy stuff artists croon about in songs and that half of Tumblr is swamped with is toxic love. Love that says I need you to love me, me,meeee!
But authentic love says : I love you, therefore I need you. 
It’s action-based, and it’s an ability one needs to develop.








survival mom


Listen, I’m no mummy-material. Ever since my nephew AJ came into my life, I’ve looked at parenthood in a very different light. It is not easy. And it’s when people take it lightly that emotional/physical abuse happen. Having said that, I’m a prepper. I always think about worst-case scenarios. I love psychological thrillers and MacGyver-esque movies because I like to put myself in the characters shoes to see what I would do if I were in their situations. No lie. I hate The Walking Dead, but I still watch it whenever I’m bored because I like to get ideas for any possible zombie-apocalypse, unlikely though it might be. Maybe it’s just OCD? I dunno. In any case, this book is the handbook for contingencies. I haven’t even read it, but the title had me.  😀




If you don’t know this man, Sir Ken Robinson, I don’t know what you are doing with your life. Go on YouTube and check him out. Then you’ll understand why I’m not even going to write a blurb. Go!











I drew a line above this book because this is the most amazing book EVA. It’s been indispensable for me in trying to understand my nephew. It’s been so relieving to finally know why kids do what they do, and there are different types of children with different needs! And how tantrums are a sign of an underlying issue that the child doesn’t know how to address – and how you can help, instead of punishing or spanking! It’s been a lifesaver all those nights he refuses to sleep or when he keeps going to the kitchen to empty all the drawers or when he ignores his mum completely when she comes back after having gone out without him knowing. It’s — the cover does not exaggerate. It really is the ultimate handbook. And no, I’m not being paid for gushing about it.







How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child with less discipline. | The Child Whisperer

18 practical survival tips

I always think of worst-case scenarios. Maybe that’s just me being pragmatic, or perhaps it’s a dark and sinister streak in me; either way, you never know when you’ll need these tips. Compiled them from this awesome site.

Personal mantra: Hope for the best,prepare for the worst.



1.The real key to wilderness survival is staying healthy.

2.You can make waterproof matches by covering the head of the match with fingernail polish.

3.If lost, follow a river downstream. Most people live near water, so you should eventually run into civilization.

4.Wheat seeds from the head of wheat grass/spikes can be eaten and are nutritional.

5.Bring a survival knife with you anytime you plan on going out into the wild, no matter how long.

6.Grasshoppers can be found in tall grass areas and are excellent sources of survival food. High in protein and fat.

7.Do NOT eat snow or ice without melting first! Eating snow and ice reduces body temperature and leads to further dehydration.

8.Most predators are fearful of fire. A roaring campfire throughout the night should be enough to keep them away.

9.Moss generally grows on the north side of a tree in the northern hemisphere.

10.Never leave your car in a survival situation if you dont have to. It is the biggest target for rescuers to find.

11.Measuring the width of your hand from the horizon to the bottom of the sun is a rough guide for how much daylight is left. 1 hand width is ~1 hour.  [awesome, huh?!]

12.Make sure any spear you make is taller than you. If you fall you won’t accidentally impale yourself.

13.You can go weeks without food, days without water, but without adequate shelter, maybe a night.

14.A red sky at dawn means a storm is coming. A violet sky at dawn means it should be a nice day.

15.When trying to signal rescuers, always try to put out three signals as that is an international distress sign.

16.In cold weather put whatever you have under you before sleeping. Sleeping directly on the ground will cause you to lose a lot of body heat.

17.In a genuine survival situation; suppress your fears, don’t panic and make a plan. A plan will keep you focused.

18.The #1 best way to survival is to leave an itinerary with friends or loved ones AND one in your car. You don’t show, they call it in.



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