Crowdsourced misery

A lot of people make their unique and personal life struggles a global one so that they don’t have to be alone. That also means that they push the perimeters and dimensions of evil to make it seem more encompassing and confounding than it really is, when a lot of what refuses to budge is the person’s shadow that they throw into the bonfire. This then makes people even more frustrated and hopeless, giving up discovering creative ways to transcend this because ‘what’s the point really?’

It’s the world being created by online activists insisting on reducing everything to black and white thinking to make the launching of the broadsides easier and more justified.

You’re not ‘woke’; go back to sleep.



I recently saw a tumblr post about racism and the KKK. The OP had this closing remark on his post with about 30 000 notes:

this is what sickens me about white people and whiteness. they want all the fucking benefits but none of the responsibility. they want to do dirt but never pay a fucking price. they want to perpetuate hate but be loved and adored by those they oppress. a fucking cowardly wicked group if ever there existed one.

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