Feel the discomfort

Seek that wisdom that will untie your knot
Seek that path that demands your whole being
Leave that which is not, but appears to be
Seek that which is, but is not apparent

– Rumi


Don’t look down on the heart, even if it’s not behaving well.

Even in that shape, the heart is more precious than the teachings
of the exalted saints.

The broken heart is where God looks.

How lucky is the soul that mends the heart!

For God, consoling the heart

that is broken into hundreds of pieces is better than going on pilgrimage.

God’s treasures are buried in ruined hearts.

If you put on the belt of service
and serve hearts like a slave or servant,

the roads to all the secrets will open before your eyes.

If you want peace and glory,
forget about your earthly honors and try to please the hearts.

If you become a helper of hearts,

springs of wisdom will flow from your heart.

The water of life will run from your mouth like a torrent.

Your breath will become medicine
like the breath of Jesus.

Be silent.

Even if you have two hundred tongues in each hair on your head

– Rumi, The Forbidden Rumi

Go home, then go hard

Whatever you chase trying to escape yourself will continue to elude you. Not because you’re not meant to get it but because you’re outside your energetical jurisdiction and so, your signal is gone. Step back into the chaos you escaped and it’ll generate your power. It’s in that space that what you seek is seeking you. Seek what calls you, and everything that you desire will find you with a reciprocal energy.

Seeking you within myself


The Somali term ‘calaf raadis’ ¹ literally means one who seeks their destiny. Specifically, one seeking their soulmate.

So it has me thinking: How are you going to seek something that is your destiny? How do you decide who is or isn’t a soulmate? If you find her/him and you run away, will they follow you? If not, how can you outrun your destiny? And is destiny deterministic or is it decided by your outlook on life?

I mean, YOU are the seeker right? So what you’re seeking is a certain criteria by which you filter what you encounter? Criteria based on what you *don’t* want, what you secretly crave, whatever will act as a comfort zone.

So, doesn’t that mean that your calaf is … yourself? That whatever you are is a magnet drawing unto itself things of its nature? Like how life falls into place when everything seems to fall apart. How things mysteriously harmonize when you let go of control. How discovering yourself has little to do with piecing together clues and more to do with peeling away layers.

So… shouldn’t the prospect be to remove everything that obscures the path between you and your calaf/soulmate? The path being your heart… Would the one you’re seeking recognize YOU? Would you be ready to accommodate for them, or would you cut them down to fit you? How can you find a soulmate when you keep rejecting and repelling your own soul?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
– Rumi

¹ ‘c’, in Somali is pronounced like ع in Arabic, which can pass for ‘a’ in English. So: calaf=alaf

Comatose woke people

Power is never taken, always extracted.

I’m talking about authentic power. The power to move people’s hearts with words, the power to pierce through thick curtains of despondence – that can’t be achieved. It only follows from the mightiest battle one will ever witness, either as a debased loser or a weary hero: the battle for self-actualization.

Many try to achieve that power through inauthentic means. They are under the wrong impression that self-actualization manifests equally for everyone; outspoken, intellectual, activitist, fist in the air, a la Che Guevara/ Malcolm X aesthetics.

While that archetype is sure invigorating to witness or learn about, it’s not what self-actualization means, any more than someone who appears to be religious is necessarily truly pious.

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