Reality is not on demand

Our free will is directly connected to perception and it is in our perception that our greatest power and sovereignty lies. Perception is how we interact with the cosmos, and all that changes is the angle and depth that we stand in relation to the divine reality.

What we’ve been convinced however is the inversion of that (inverting truths is a staple of mind control and the mental enslavement of diabolical entities); that our perception is reality and that we control how we feel about it. In other words, if we feel bad it’s our fault and we have to do everything in our power to change that – by any means necessary. This is extremely damaging and corrupting for several reasons :

  • It makes us self-absorbed, literally.
  • The foundation and baseline is shifted from Truth as guidance to Pleasure.
  • We’re made to focus on what’s impossible to control because emotions are autonomous responses to our perception of reality. That is, emotions are kind of like the axons in the nerves that transmit electrical pulses; they are the connection between our perpetual reality (phenomenon) and the divine reality (noumenon). As such, they aren’t wrong or right and just inform us of the state of our holistic well-being.
  • Our thoughts are made to seem divine by erasing the line between what is and how something appears to us. Our subjective field of experience is magnified, often intruding on others as we superimpose our perception on their reality. In other words, our perception becomes the Truth and any feelings that reflect anything incongruent with that will be fought and replaced with an activity that reinforce our beliefs. Our lives then gradually become echo chambers where we lose touch with the metaphysical world and the divine reality.
  • Instead of transcending the ego, the ego transcends us to overpower us. Mind becomes master.

More than meets the lie

Reality remains veiled; nobody knows it, and everything is an interpretation. We are “blind to the world”; we are not looking outside, but rather inside our own heads. We are reading from the brain, watching a film that runs on our cortex. We are prisoners of an inner world, of a machine that produces a virtual reality. So it ends that the senses—our only means of contact with the external world—keep us separated from it through representations that are not real.

– Massimo Citro, The Basic Code of the Universe: The Science of the Invisible in Physics, Medicine, and Spirituality

What’s real is consistent

If something is irregular, it’s because you’re drifting in and out of your true alignment with your soul and your external reality is reflecting that. Stay grounded. Allow the shifty, transient energies within you to float to the surface of your consciousness. Allow it to exit through your non-resistance.

Settle in and watch the water ripples dissipate.

Midnight confession [I]

When i lose myself in the clamour of fear of what others may think or demonsmightn’t do, i get sucked into a torrent of all things bitter and unsavory. I swim in swamps of self-pity, I dive with my demons, I dine on resentment and sugar-laden insults that threaten to destroy my teeth but I don’t f***ing care anymore because I don’t need enamels to chew on my sad,pathetic state. But the harrowing reality rankle me. It tugs at me and prods me; it won’t leave me alone!It forces me to see what I don’t want to, and in the end it always wins. In the end, the truth always sets me free.

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