〈serial soliloquies〉

Blank. That’s how I feel about this.  :-/

We had a general election this year in Sweden. And after a whole two months, the government collapsed. Something about the coalition government not agreeing on a budget. I don’t even bother to understand what’s going on, to be honest. I have a confession to make. It’s going to sound hella harsh. But I don’t feel I belong here. Just thinking about my childhood brings tears to my eyes. It’s so painful because I love Sweden so darn much, but the culture…And I just read that the ultra-right Sweden Democrats have proposed a motion that says Swedes should be categorized according to ethnic backgrounds. It’s not even about Swedes and non-Swedes; it’s anyone with at least one immigrant parent, even if they themselves were born here. So, in this proposed motion, I’d be categorized as ‘immigrant’ even though I was born and bred here. This echoes the anti-semitic Nuremberg Laws in Nazi-Germany 1935, where people were classified as German if they had four German grandparents, and non-German (hence deprived of citizenship) if any grandparent weren’t ‘pure-blooded’ Germans.

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