Mystified by the misty skies

When you’re not grounded your understanding is superficial and partial. You act on an incomplete will which leads to limitations and fragmentations.

You can’t expect to find a stability in mid-flight that wasn’t present at liftoff.

8 degrees of separation

Retain your calmness. Don’t abandon your post in this moment. War is raging outside and anyone not firmly grounded in the pillar of love extending through the breath of life will be snatched and snuffed.

Don’t pour water in a dirty vessel

Action is meant to express (i.e. conduct and convey) the will of the soul. It’s not meant as an escape from it. Action is meant to complement the being, not substitute it through frantic busywork.

a priori

Try to stay with your emotional distress. Hiding indoors won’t make the skies clear up. No matter how much you enjoy the summer, winter must come. Don’t you see, that it’s all teaching you that the mosaic of life is meaningless without the jagged edges and discomforts?

The discomfort are like clouds pregnant with rain that’s going to wash away the dust and quench the dry earth. Let the emotions unload their messages and rain meaning on you. Your heart has become a desert because you keep avoiding the one thing you need. You ignore the voice of the oracle within, and roam the earth in search for easier questions. You don’t get to set the exam. Your entire being is made up of questions. And through working out the answers you’ll find your paths.

Don’t change the world to suit your reality. Reach across your threshold and find a colourful connection to the unknown. Adapt. Like the flowers that bloom like they’re perennial, despite knowing that with the growing shade their end is approaching. Their life lies not in the petals or the buds, but in the hidden roots in the dirt. And they bloom because they aren’t afraid to wither.


​Don’t knock on doors that weren’t opened for you 
Don’t go where your soul isn’t comfortable 

Whatever you run from you’ll run into 

What’s yours knows you by the scent of your love

Sit in your solitude for a moment 

Your soul tribe are on their way

How are they going to find you if you keep running away from yourself?

Wonders are discovered in the blind world of vibes and feelings 

Let your soul lead the way 

You’re invited elsewhere 

No more posts.