Nothing can close a heart you’ve decided to open

What matters the most is that you keep still so that the storm in you knows where to go. It’s not brewing to hurt you, it’s wailing with what only God knows is plaguing it. Don’t take it as an assault. We all howl when hurt. Your ability to be grounded in the present without running away with the storm-chasing thoughts makes you a tower of light. For every second that you do manage to be there, your heart becomes stronger and more of the divine love that we all are suspended in rushes in. So don’t despair if a second is all that you can manage. It counts. Allaah has assigned angels to count every iota of energy you spend seeking the light.

Mystified by the misty skies

When you’re not grounded your understanding is superficial and partial. You act on an incomplete will which leads to limitations and fragmentations.

You can’t expect to find a stability in mid-flight that wasn’t present at liftoff.

8 degrees of separation

Retain your calmness. Don’t abandon your post in this moment. War is raging outside and anyone not firmly grounded in the pillar of love extending through the breath of life will be snatched and snuffed.

Don’t pour water in a dirty vessel

Action is meant to express (i.e. conduct and convey) the will of the soul. It’s not meant as an escape from it. Action is meant to complement the being, not substitute it through frantic busywork.

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