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I was watching a VICE documentary on the ISIS (the only of its kind I believe) where reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks with the ISIS and though I didn’t watch it in full, the aggressive demeanour and the obsessiveness with shedding blood made me realize what I always suspected about these extremist groups; that they are channelling deep seated frustration and a sense of inadequacy, emasculation even, through violence.

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The reality of the purported Jihaad phenomenon in Muslim lands

Non-muslims think what’s going on in Iraq and other countries run over by hooligans is the true spirit of Islaam. Muslims who don’t have much insight into this issue fall into two categories; those who vehemently oppose this because it doesn’t sit well with them, and those who are moved by the emotionally charged speeches of these anarchists and feel this is what Islaam is and hence feel obliged to support it. But the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Those who advocate for what they deem jihaad (but isn’t in reality) rely heavily on emotions, primarily anger. They have a talent for uprooting deeply ingrained frustration and hurt from all the times one has been mistreated and marginalized and channel this into fist-pumping,gun-wielding and blood-crazed chaos. It’s as if they condensed all the teachings in Islaam and only derived jihaad from it,which they then proceeded to blow up with their desires of what it should be.

I’m including an apt debate by the late scholar Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albaani (رحمه الله) who was a renowned and meticulous scholar who strictly applied the principles and guidelines laid down in the Qur’aan and Sunnah in their unadulterated form with a “jihaadist” who embodies the mentality of those running the streets of Iraaq and Somalia today.


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