Cold rain

I think I’ve managed to boil down my genius to one thing : the ability to see what is, and to see things for what they are.

Disenchanted, spells don’t bind me, smoke doesn’t sting my eyes.

No signal reception

I guess what I’ve always been looking for is divinity in things and people. The spark, the awareness that I’m not alone in what I’m noticing. And it’s been so difficult to find it growing up in the West that has wiped clean any sign of the metaphysical or supernatural, at least in the establishment. School, books, movies, peers – everywhere I turned to I was met with this stonewalling of the divine, as if my intuition and spiritual perception was being shut down and gaslit. Not by any overt or even conscious effort, but by simply using what’s provable and what’s established by experts to gauge and guide one’s exploration and expression. And before I could even take a step I was hamstrung.

Although I decided to stop showing that side to me, it was as if it had autonomy in what it perceived and discovered. It spat right out everything I tried to shove down my own throat in a desperate attempt at fitting in. Eventually the inner conflict grew to such cataclysmic proportions that my psyche fragmented, not counting the unrelated traumas I’ve been through.

My mind is thirsting for something and the echo chambers of academia and postmodernism is like a desert to me. It’s absolutely uninspiring and not welcoming to curiosity. It has no soul and no connection to the divine whatsoever.

Only trust your intuition

We live in a time that’s highly driven by optics and the power of illusions. Fame that’s pushed by a machine that douses the algorithms with whoever they want people to fixate on, fiat money as opposed to commodity money, crypto currency, stock market that’s based on speculation, shadow governments and deep state, proxy wars, psy-ops, advertisements that deal in subliminal messaging and behaviour modification, social engineering, the entire entertainment industry, exploitation of women’s bodies, virtue signalling, false flag operations, the new age industry, law of attraction as pop-spirituality, biased news reporting, and much much more.

Imagery is hypnotic. No wonder the Prophet sallAllaahu calayhi wasallam warned against it. The world is already deceptive and illusionary as it is, imagine hijacking the mind through imagery on top of everything else?

Coordinations of my intuition

Let the depths of hell open up in me
And I’ll burn in love
I’ll no longer make room for doubt but my heart’s wisdom
The truth always takes me too far
But as long as I keep an ear to the rushing sound of my feelings

like a seashell,

I’ll always find home right where I am
Because everywhere I am, I belong

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