‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls..’

Can water be too wet? Or do you mean can a body of water be too big, too expansive, too deep? Yeah, but in relation to what? Too big for whom? Too deep to free dive?

I use this metaphorically to show how absurd it is when people say that someone is too sensitive. Just because your perception falls short of someone’s comprehensive experience of life doesn’t make your pov a definition of reality.

Stick to the toe dipping and kiddies pool you’re used to. Stick to whatever falls within your scope of perception, but don’t nullify what’s beyond that.

Fake it ’til I don’t make it

I had an online discussion with a girl from the US about African studies and whether all blacks in America can be lumped together as one ethnic group. She had asked for my views on something, and almost immediately I had a rough draft of the two page-response I’d type. It just popped into my head: system theory, race, cultural anthropology, Cartesian anxiety
Somehow I had all these data and concepts lined up that I had never studied. I haven’t been to university ( but a term of the Open University, studying business) I don’t read studies or books. I create my own skeletons of thoughts and observations reached organically, and then I flesh it out with supporting or contrasting information. 

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Stupid genius

Low latent inhibition ( LLI) and highly sensitivity personality. Dear readers, I present to you these two bad boys that have me wired in a wholly different way than most. My nervous system is extra sensitive thus amplifies all sensory things; sound, touch ( pain), light, taste. Not only that, but the standard filter that the mind has in place to ferret out the countless information it takes in to only attend to those of interest or novelty -my mind is rebellious in that it takes in more data than it should. Let me demonstrate with an example:

When people see a wall clock, they usually do so fleetingly, only taking in any outstanding data that they haven’t seen before. This mechanism prevents sensory overload that would otherwise  have crippling effects on the mind in its’ efforts to both deal with all the excess data and make sense of it. Yours truly however does the opposite. I see the clock but I also see the part it is made of, its’ shape, colour, the hands. I wonder who made it and where. In short, I try to pry its’ entire history out of a glance.

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