Why Trump is the silver lining we’ve all been waiting for

Everyday we go deeper down the rabbit hole with the Trump administration and I’ve noticed that people use his antics to “convince” Trumpsters that he’s a fascist and it becomes this childish play of ‘Does Not!’ ’ Does Toooo!’ .

All the while I’m thinking yo! Will we be laughing all the way til WW3. Like,haha, he declared war on Iran and North Korea but like, he can’t really do that because Constitution, right? Like, there’s an inbuilt mechanism in the system that wouldn’t allow him to go that far, right? 

Next thing we know, we’re running for our lives in the middle of the night with our PJs on. And I’m saying this as someone virtually on the other side of the planet because the spillover effect of the US on the rest of the planet is very real.

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Fascist Shepherd

“​If a society is transformed into what Mumford has called a “megamachine” (that is, if the whole of a society, including its people, is like a large, centrally directed machine), fascism is almost unavoidable in the long run because 
(a) people become sheep, lose their faculty for critical thinking, feel powerless, are passive, and necessarily long for a leader who “knows” what to do—and everything else they do not know, and
 (b) the “megamachine” can be put in operation by anybody with access to it, simply by pushing the proper buttons. The megamachine, like an automobile, essentially runs itself: i.e., the person behind the wheel of the car has only to push the right buttons, manage the steering and the braking, and pay some attention to a few other similarly simple details; what in a car or other machine are its many wheels, in the megamachine are the many levels of bureaucratic administration. Even a person of mediocre intelligence and ability can easily run a state once he or she is in the seat of power.”

— Erich Fromm, (To Have or To Be?)

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