Don’t pour water in a dirty vessel

Action is meant to express (i.e. conduct and convey) the will of the soul. It’s not meant as an escape from it. Action is meant to complement the being, not substitute it through frantic busywork.

It’s too dark to dream

I thought I was waiting for you to discover me when in fact I was waiting for myself to check in. As I closed the door on you in exasperation, I opened the door into myself. Colour me confused but I think I was waiting for you to find me so that I wouldn’t have to feel how it’s to be lost, on my own. I thought your love was hope.


I don’t want the roots of my dreams to be the avoidance of my nightmares. I don’t want the bitter aftertaste of shame when I reap the fruits of my actions driven by my need to be more than I am. Every action is shadowed by the intentions that gave birth to it. Only the vulnerable truth illuminates instead of casting a shadow.

Cross your mind

Don’t escape, surrender. When you escape you surrender the access to your life force, presence and love.

When you surrender you escape the impossible vicious cycle of dualistic thought.

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