Not alone

Feeling safe without objects, without words, without mental images of a better time, is a dissolution of the illusion of control. It’s to let God in, completely. It’s to carry silence without breaking up with the moment. It’s to listen to what speaks without a language.

The reality of trust

I can tell you that no one can actually hurt you. You aren’t afraid to trust people, you’re afraid to trust yourself. What I see when I look in you is that you are unwilling to meet your own pain, directly, and it shows as a belief that people are not trustworthy. What the reality is that the only one you need to trust is yourself.

When you are with people, if you trust yourself, then you will be with the pain of your own brokenness. So when someone hurts you – if you want to look at it in the orchestration of the whole Divine Play – when someone hurts you, that can only happen because you are not with your own brokenness. So in a way it’s like you are attracting the reflection into that brokenness over and over. So we have some identity there which says “Oh hurt again, oh hurt again, hurt again, hurt again, hurt again.” So you’re closing yourself in based on not meeting your own brokenness directly. Can you follow what I’m saying?

So, oh, (laughing) I thought I would have to speak for five, ten minutes before there was an agreement. I love you guys! Perfect! So let’s get straight to it then.

What there needs to happen is a willingness to let the love and power of your attention move to inside your own self. So inside your own self,what I see is a heart and it’s aching. I see a woman, I see a belly and it’s aching. So to be with that aching is honest. To be deeply feeling and being in that pain, that is honest. Instead, you shield yourself from Love, and in a way, it brings in this layer of dullness over you, protecting you from being touched in those places which you already know in you hurts.

So what you’re doing in that movement – I mean it’s basic self-protection, you know? But when you allow those shields of self-protection to fall, what you are facing is the fact of your own wholeness waiting to happen – the birth of yourself as Love, the birth of yourself into the wholeness of yourself as a woman.

So you see it holds different aspects in it, and one of them are that willingness to come into the deepest integrity of yourself, and to let that integrity be something that you move forward in the world with. You see if you don’t even want to rest in yourself you can’t touch the brokenness, so it can’t heal. If it can’t heal you can’t come into your deeper and deeper love for yourself as Woman, as Love, as Truth.

So everything waits for you to step into that deepest commitment to yourself, because without the deepest commitment to yourself you cannot truly commit deeply to any relation, to any communication, to any connection with anything around you, yes? So that’s waiting.

Source : Aisha Salem

Proxima centauri

I’m not hard to please, I’m just not impressed by generic gestures and dramatic actions. I’m very simple; I see integrity – I’m all yours. But see.. that’s the tricky part.

I don’t judge people according to a preset standard. I meet them where they are ; I’m just interested in connecting. But when someone isn’t internally congruent, when they interact through a cloud of deception that they think they’ll outwit me by, when they can’t hold space for an alternate interpretation of events and rush to projecting and judging, I’m turned all the way off. That kind of person is resistant to my consciousness penetrating their being and therefore they put up all kinds of blocks. I used to make it my business to gently help people unpack that so that they wouldn’t be scared of me but then I learnt that it’s not fair on me to have to disarm others. So I just stay clear where my energy is resisted.

I notice and appreciate the slightest of things. I know when my 4 year old nephew has had a new experience because he tries to put words to an image in his head. I know when my grandma is feeling down, because she starts complaining of stomach ache and becomes a picky eater. I know what someone is going through by the change of content they reblog. I know the collective existential fear of a nation by their conservative political rhetoric.

I close my eyes and I can see dimensions across the plain and yet, no one to share my visions with. Maybe I’m just difficult to explore?

Don’t defend yourself in a kangaroo court

If someone chooses to believe a false and unfair rumour and narrative about you despite them knowing you well enough to be able to discern the accuracy of that rumour, then it’s not because the rumour was particularly convincing. It’s because the rumour triggered their ego in such a way that they found it served a purpose to feed into it. Perhaps it was to deflect a latent inferiority they felt in relation to you and by believing the rumour they could feel justified in looking down on you, or it tapped into some self-conscious fear that justified withdrawing and hiding behind that rumour to avoid guilt.

Whatever it is, know that what someone chooses to believe isn’t random or arbitrary so don’t lose yourself in trying to explain yourself to someone who has already made their mind up and left no space for your truth.


It just hit me… the deep desire I have to be seen for who I am (by the person/s I love) isn’t to have my mind understood, but to have my emotions seen, visible, and welcomed no matter how intense and capricious it may appear. A soft landing space in the receptive heart of another.

Deep sigh. Yup, that’s it.

Ambitionz az a Writah

#I think God creates writers with porous souls and eyes like black holes that absorb everything. And before a writer can become a bona fide writer whose work touches souls and transcends time, they are made to suffer. They dissolve in the acid of apathy of people. The world in its entirety seeps through their encased ego by brsouls are borne out of the world and not into it, and they are essentially catapulted out of this dimension.
I don’t know why, maybe it’s because they pen thoughts and thoughts are the building blocks of worlds and souls? And to discover what to write about, they have to use their own soul as a laboratory?

#Invest in the one who is grateful for what you give because that means that they know how to receive love, and won’t feel entitled.
And love someone who is patient with difficulties for that is one who won’t bolt when you reveal the parts of you that sends uncomfortable shocks through his unmet parts.

#Whatever i lack is with Allaah. Others can’t give me what Allaah hasn’t given me. And they can’t deprive me of what Allaah has given me.

I’m whole and complete. Allaah doesn’t require me to be something or someone I’m not because that would entail that His act of creation is faulty, subxaanah.

He created me to be precisely who I am. But I need to be aware and discover the clues He’s left for me and to reconnect with Him through the symbols that transpire in those clues. My purpose is to be gratefully aware, mindfully enduring.

#Ya don’t have to worry about making people stay, or figuring out whether they are about to leave. Just promise yourself this: to never leave yourself just like the sun doesn’t cease to become star when night falls. When you become grounded in your core, people and things will naturally find a home in your orbit. But that can’t happen if your commitment to yourself is wobbly.

#I’m kept sane by understanding the insanity of the world, and I gain will to live through the words of the dead. I live in this world but my spirit is in another realm. I enjoy solitude for it affords me the company of those who left telepathic messages in books and HTML codes.
My independence of mind is my hazmat suit.

Truth cleanses
Love moisturizes

Truth gives direction
Love is: motivation

Truth gives form
Love is : colour

Truth is creation
Love is: miracle



I seem like a twinkling star

But I’m a ball of raging fire, consuming myself from within

Floating in my own galaxy, a million light-years away

I burn too ferociously to be near others

My star is a luminous giant , and I feel that I won’t have a long life

Because of how quickly I’m growing

Discovering timeless secrets written in the constellations

The distance makes me appear admirable 

Don’t come near me unless you’re the Phoenix

Unless your life’s purpose is to be set alight

In which case, let me create galaxies in the palm of your hand, name the stars in your eyes after legends

I’ll warm you

Or I’ll burn you

But there’s no lie in my fire


Let’s go out in a blaze of passion

We’ll be buried in shrouds of our love

And we’ll stand the test of time


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