Remember this negro


The most educative and inspiring interview I’ve watched in perhaps forever.

Based on the unfinished manuscript to James Baldwin’s Remember this house, this Academy Award nominated documentary  I Am Not Your Negro has been 10 years in the works drawing on unpublished and private writings and accounts of Baldwin, courtesy of his younger sister. Baldwin regarded this as his magnum opus, but sadly never got the chance to finish it.
Raoul Peck discusses the pervasive corruption of the American government, the role the Clintons have played in Haiti, the reason why Fidel Castro is so revered by African, Caribbean and Latin nations, and the pivotal role the Haitian revolution played in the entire continent of the Americas.

Terrorists need some therapy

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I was watching a VICE documentary on the ISIS (the only of its kind I believe) where reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks with the ISIS and though I didn’t watch it in full, the aggressive demeanour and the obsessiveness with shedding blood made me realize what I always suspected about these extremist groups; that they are channelling deep seated frustration and a sense of inadequacy, emasculation even, through violence.

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