Run like a river does

Men haven’t inherited the emotional damage and violence that’s etched into our very DNA, and it’s not something that can be encompassed by the limited scope of language and abstractions. No matter how much they try to understand and validate, it ultimately won’t reach to the core of the matter because we’re disconnected from the core of the matter, so our understanding is very shallow too.

Knowing the historical and political context of these wounds is helpful insofar as we’ve internalized it, and closure and clarity on the external circumstances can free up the mental space. But it won’t and can’t replace a genuine inner connection between our hearts and bodies. The memories and traumas are stored in the body and these are the emotional blockages that makes it impossible to access the heart where our unique creative powers as divine feminine lie.

Spending time and effort being on the warpath is not only ineffective but it’s a reenactment of the scenes that our trauma was born in. Going back in time to undo the damage is another way of saying, someone else did something to me that I have absolutely no ability to rectify. My release from this bondage in torture is to make this person or society undo the oppression.

The problem in this is, besides the impossibility of undoing something that has already happened, that we’re leaving our healing and emotional freedom at the mercy of a progress in the external. That’s very dangerous because it ties us to what we’re desperately trying to get away from!!

Healing not only removes the damage but it turns the scar into a portal of abundance and cosmic wisdom. It’s sorta like having your house demolished by enemies and then finding out that there’s a gold mine underneath the house that wasn’t visible before. The most valuable parts of you can never be touched or damaged or taken. Your soul is that gold mine.

When the means is assigned a meaning

The purpose of the man is to serve, as this is the embodiment of the divine masculine. Serving through providing for his family, protecting, building, fighting, carrying, leading, teaching etc.

But when what he does became more important than who he is as a being, then he became a servant of the provision and forced the woman to serve him if she wanted to be nurtured and loved by him. Yes, really! Inverse dynamics is a hallmark of diabolical forces. The woman was the nurturer and now she’s serving her body and life force in order to get some validation and security back from the man and society.

The divine feminine isn’t materialistic at all. The divine feminine is aligned with the soul and spiritual, so where do you surmise this leaves this energy in the modern woman? Nowhere because she’s not grounded in her own body. She’s on edge, ready to up and leave at the drop of a hat, ready to adapt to the chaos out there in order to be noticed. Instead of nurturing the heart she’s out here serving the egos. She’s lost touch with the cosmos inside of her. She’s lost trust in her true power.

Women aren’t goodwill

Obama out here saying we need more female leaders because men are starting to get on my nerves lately.

Why are women elevated through sloppy seconds? It’s like a backhanded compliment. Like when you’ve fucked up that’s when you want women to come in to clean up the mess? Wow.

It’s like those people who only contact you when they’re bored or want something from you. Getting power and position isn’t some accomplishment. It’s like being told that you can buy a house for dirt cheap because the whole neighbourhood is in foreclosure.

Women aren’t second-rate men. They are women with intrinsic value and essence. And it’s time we take time to discover and develop what comes naturally and organically to us instead of waiting on men to discover us or to discover what they have in us. Nah! That’s a form of self-hate and self-neglect. We need innovation and creativity to make sure we don’t recycle the tried and tested toxicity of the men. That entails not reaching for low hanging fruits or take shortcuts to appear a certain way. Pursue what resonates with you, regardless of how it looks like to others!

Higher space, deeper time

I just realized..

A baby is literally ahead of time. The womb is beyond time and space because the baby gets its identity stamped through the place it emerges in and the configuration of numbers on the clock that coincided with when the first person laid eyes on the baby emerging. When it’s seen, that’s when the baby is recognized. So that means, time and space is simply the dimensions that hold the visible aspects of creation. It’s like how we gauge or measure visibility. Just like meters and centimeters gauge the length and height of an object, our measure of it doesn’t mean the measurement comprehends the entirety of the object. For instance, we measure someone’s height for a specific purpose like jotting the height down for documenting the growth of a child, or to note it on the passport. So the measurement has no inherent meaning or purpose. It’s a stopgap. Likewise time and space holds no inherent meaning, it’s just a fraction and compartmentalization of a whole for a certain purpose. We need time to act as a bridge between thoughts, and space to be what unites the intentions of the heart.

It’s a way of making the whole relative to the parts we are because our minds can’t comprehend the whole. It needs to break it down and contrast it and analyze it and categorize it. (this is the function of the divine masculine and why prophets were exclusively the recipients of revelation)

And what’s not visible, what can’t yet be seen, is beyond time and space. But it’s still accessible to the individual, but not the collective. That’s why change and innovation and paradigm shifts come through the individual to the collective and not the other way around. (this is the function of the divine feminine and why the protection of the woman and the sacredness of her sexuality is so important.)

This is what we here for

You doubt that as a woman you can create a revolution when your body is equipped to create A WHOLE HUMAN BEING. Do you even realize what that means? A human can’t be created in the world by force, by manly hands. The soul is divinely inspired but it needs a gentle place to land and take root in. Women are strong enough to have their organs shift around, their hormonal cycles recalibrated, the body create a nourishment subsystem without breaking a sweat!! And yet, they are gentle and soft enough to hold space for the minute development that takes close to a year. Gentle enough to protect the incredibly fragile baby long enough for the baby to become a robust, upstanding toddler!

Likewise, a new world, a different outcome needs gentleness to integrate into our worldly plain and people are far too hasty, too impatient, too cynical to hold a space in trust. They want to see, hear, touch, KNOW before they’ll reluctantly concede. But that’s not how things change. The heart is the collective womb and we need to be connected and cognizant of its nature to facilitate creative evolution. Just as the body has a system that allows it gauge the overall state and respond to the changes to maintain an optimum balance, WE have to be that awareness when observing and responding to shifts and needs in the external world. It’s not going to happen instinctually like animals operate. It has to be a conscious decision to choose transcendence and to choose the path to collective harmony when at the fork in the road where we are faced with the possibility of losing personal interest and what benefits the ego.

And it’s precisely and unequivocally because women have lost sight of the potency of their intuition and the function of their subtle nature that all of humanity is now at the mercy of a distorted masculine energy that hasn’t been tempered by the feminine because the feminine has abandoned her station to catch up with the masculine.

Not utilizing the divine feminine will result in what happened to the Titanic ; people underestimated nature and overestimated the capacity of what’s man-made. The divine feminine would have detected that iceberg by including its existence into the navigation plan. Refusal to coexist will only annihilate us, and not nature.

Inner silence

The feminine principle tends to that which needs help and strength. The cry of an infant, the empathy for a homeless person, the nurturing of a wound, the soothing of a child woken up from a nightmare, the organizing of a rescue team. Pain can’t be dealt by with strength, which is a feature of the masculine principle. Pain is life’s alarm system. It’s a sign that if something isn’t done soon, death will come.

When we wedged convenience between us and our feminine principle, we lost the innate contact we had with nature. The instinct that’d let us know when something’s brewing, before it erupts. Nowadays, we only pay attention to what has already exploded.

When we cut ourselves off from our inner cycles and rhythms to adapt to external cycle which is linear time, we were stripped of our power. When we had to manage ourselves to punch in and out, we couldn’t afford to listen to our intuition that tells us not to take our child to daycare, or that we need a breather. We relegated ourselves to what higher-ups – boss, culture, media- have delineated for us. Our voice, our passion, our internal rhythm, our intuition became something we reconnect with on short breaks or in between sets. An afterthought, a footnote, an asterisk. We buried our timelessness in the past.


Women doubt their feelings and therefore fear the outside world. Men fear their feelings and therefore doubt the outside world.

Your disposition towards your feelings will dictate how you perceive the world and how you’re received by the world. People will echo and mimic your treatment of yourself when they interact with you.

The world thus is a macrocosm of the interplay between your feelings and your mind.

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