American Plutocracy: A Banned TED Talk




  • The corrupt edifice of capitalism in America
  • Disparity between the middle class and the wealthy .01%
  • The wealthy are given tax breaks under the pretext that they are job creators, when in fact the middle class are the job creators due to their spending power
  • He proposes a higher median income for workers as this would create a positive feedback loop of increasing spending power, hence benefitting businesses.
  • His TED talk in March 1,2012 was banned by the TED curator, Chris Anderson because it was deemed ‘ too political’ and ‘explicitly partisan’.



Terrorists need some therapy

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I was watching a VICE documentary on the ISIS (the only of its kind I believe) where reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks with the ISIS and though I didn’t watch it in full, the aggressive demeanour and the obsessiveness with shedding blood made me realize what I always suspected about these extremist groups; that they are channelling deep seated frustration and a sense of inadequacy, emasculation even, through violence.

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