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This morning I realized that achieving my goals would only create more space for more goals, more scurrying, more haste. I won’t be content. All my life I wished to be in the headspace that I am in now; self-aware,self-conforming, living courageously, authentically vulnerable. And yet, I don’t see all that. I don’t appreciate it. My eyes are set on reaching an illusory horizon, and all the while I miss every sunset and sunrise that is my life.



When I was a couple of months shy of my 16th birthday, my family up and left the luscious and serene west coast of Sweden we called home and headed straight into a whirlwind of life in its’ rawest form : Africa.

The Somali diaspora, true to their nomadic roots, have this wanderlust that denies them settling down in one area. Nomads back in the days never lasted too long in one area as the arid plains of Somalia only held so much water, so they were constantly on the look out for new plains with water sources for their cattle. So we moved to Kenya in search for new experiences.

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