When will my eyes close shut

The advertising industry is the cause of environmental destruction by creating inorganic needs in people for money. It’s the most unethical industry as it’s quite literally emotional manipulation and energy harvesting. It’s the cause of a scarcity mentality that ensures a never satiated feeling of not enough – not being enough, not doing enough, not having enough. That’s their foot in the door ; to disrupt your self-trust and make it seem like they’re looking out for your potentialities. But there’s a reason why we’re not more than what we are. More isn’t better. It creates more room for suffering and the hollow echo of existential anxiety. We learn to disconnect as a means of survival because it’s not possible to have all these things and information and social networks and create meaning with them. We tune out. Dissociate. Eventually it becomes a necessity to numb and silence the droning of the internal turmoil. You buy stuff to stuff yourself shut. You use people to isolate your inner world. You need constant noise to soundproof against your intuition trying to warn you of the iceberg you’re fast approaching.

Let’s go down with this ship in our sleep. Hopefully the transition between sleep and death will be seamless.

Jeff Bezos is a Bozo

I discovered that this system is based on fears; fear of loss and fear of pain. This is packaged by consumerism (advertising loss and lack to market what will prevent that from happening) and hedonism ( sensory pleasures and agents for numbing and dissociating from pain).

Examples that I can think of from the top of my head :

You have to have a degree to make a decent living

Limited offer!

You have to pay your taxes to avoid jail

You have to pay your mortgage/rent to avoid homelessness

You have to work hard to avoid being laid off

You have to study hard to not fail your classes

Save up for a rainy day

You never know what will happen

Better safe than sorry


(you’re being sold fear so that you can buy security)

The only place that doesn’t have constraints or an overlay of scarcity :

Unlimited entertainment! Unlimited array of channels and shows! Movies on demand! Unlimited internet! Unlimited music! Dirt cheap junk food! Unlimited attention! Unlimited trolling and shitposting! Unlimited selfies!! Free social media websites!


(you’re the product)

The death grip of consumerism

Being with my imperfections without giving in to the conditioned impulses to deride and criticize myself for not measuring up to the ideals feels like defying gravity I tell you.

Words to this story

Healing is gratitude. Riling against yourself because you can’t function the way you expect of yourself is a token of our hyperconsumerist times where we are beset with making the world respond instantaneously to our desires. And if we don’t get the response we expect at the desired interval we discard it, toss it aside as useless and worthless. We don’t know how to value things beyond their usefulness to stuffing the emptiness of the moment. We don’t know how to be.

We are no longer servants of the divine, in service to humanity, students of life; we’re consumers of life. We’re vampires and the truth is the worst insult to us because it scorches the plastic mask that separates us from being exposed to the uncontrollable life.


In this age of hyper consumerism, people start to sell their integrity and loosening the structure of their soul to fund their wave riding and adapting to the flighty masses moved by deep impulses and whims. Attention is the credit we pay with when our circumstances don’t allow us to be present in the conditions we crave.

Instagram is a perpetual Black Friday sale, a black hole that sucks the souls of people with restless minds. I don’t want to say we’re doomed, but hold tight. It’s gon be a wild ride.

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