I didn’t create reality

It’s not my task to make people feel comfortable with the truth I perceive, nor is it my task to change what I perceive into something more appeasing for others. It’s such a relief to write this out because disappointment has been the bane of my existence and I’ve taken it upon myself to shield people from the uncomfortable truth because that’s what they were demanding I do. And that set me back so much and kept me stuck because my forte is to see, not change the look of reality to make things more comfortable.

‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls..’

Can water be too wet? Or do you mean can a body of water be too big, too expansive, too deep? Yeah, but in relation to what? Too big for whom? Too deep to free dive?

I use this metaphorically to show how absurd it is when people say that someone is too sensitive. Just because your perception falls short of someone’s comprehensive experience of life doesn’t make your pov a definition of reality.

Stick to the toe dipping and kiddies pool you’re used to. Stick to whatever falls within your scope of perception, but don’t nullify what’s beyond that.

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