Police brutality

Originally written June 13th, 2015
Just finished watching End of Watch and lemme tell you something. That shit is fucked up. I fully understood something that I had faint notions about. This fucking police brutality, it’s not as black and white as people make it out to be. It doesn’t happen in vacuum. It’s an ecosystem of extreme violence created by capitalism that reduced humans to automatons on a fucking assembly line.

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American Plutocracy: A Banned TED Talk




  • The corrupt edifice of capitalism in America
  • Disparity between the middle class and the wealthy .01%
  • The wealthy are given tax breaks under the pretext that they are job creators, when in fact the middle class are the job creators due to their spending power
  • He proposes a higher median income for workers as this would create a positive feedback loop of increasing spending power, hence benefitting businesses.
  • His TED talk in March 1,2012 was banned by the TED curator, Chris Anderson because it was deemed ‘ too political’ and ‘explicitly partisan’.



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