How Islaam safeguards and integrates the divine feminine

  • Xijaab that acts as an energetic shield and boundary to deter the intrusion from low vibration and destructive energy (note: deter not necessarily guaranteeing prevention)
  • The Prophet sallAllaahu calayhi wasallam telling women it’s more rewarding for a woman to pray in the innermost chambers of her home
  • Xajj for a woman being equivalent to jihaad
  • A man having to go through different avenues and sacrifice materialistically before he can take her to their marital home.
  • A man not being allowed to touch her wealth while he’s obligated to provide for her. If they divorce and she’s nursing a baby, he has to pay up.
  • Though there are NO excuses for leaving salaah (even if you can only literally blink, you’re obliged to pray through that blinking) even if you’re impure and don’t have water to cleanse yourself you may use dust, a woman has been given a spiritual dispensation for the duration of her period. Now, many speculate why exactly this is and assume, and though we may never quite understand the divine wisdom in its entirety, we know that menstruation is a kind of death, a kind of ‘shut down for construction’. So Allaah has matched her energetic shutdown and hibernation with a spiritual hibernation. It’s difficult for women to focus on different things at the same time of those things are fundamentally and dialectically opposed. So being forced to be spiritually alert and focused while her entire being and energy is dark would make worship counterintuitive. (I’m not laying claim to knowing that’s the divine wisdom but I’m simply asserting from experience).

When myths maim

I think one thing that seriously holds back people from Africa and Asia where collectivism is prevalent is the fact that children are prevented from having space to evolve and propagate their unique geniuses and they’re instead saddled with the emotional labour of loving the elders. Kids are seen as assets and an extension of the parents and the form of love they’re given is quite hostile and suffocating in that they’re burdened with their own existence and have to redeem themselves for existing. Parents insist that they follow in their footsteps, meaning they hold children to a world that no longer exists.

Instead of being free to share their unique perspectives and talents, they have to funnel that mental and emotional energy into upholding the culture and meeting the parents arbitrary expectations and goals. They get sucked into the machine and become lodged between the cogs, entangled in the mechanics that hold no meaning.

They have to beat to empty drums that summon the devil that promised protection from fears through the illusions that we can somehow circumvent the losses of the past.

Epistemological obstacles

From Wikipedia

Bachelard proposed that the history of science is replete with “epistemological obstacles”—or unthought/unconscious structures that were immanent within the realm of the sciences, such as principles of division (e.g., mind/body). The history of science, Bachelard asserted, consisted in the formation and establishment of these epistemological obstacles, and then the subsequent tearing down of the obstacles. This latter stage is an epistemological rupture—where an unconscious obstacle to scientific thought is thoroughly ruptured or broken away from.

We spend a lot of time discussing the nature of an obstacle, say resistance to gun control. The solution to gun violence is incomprehensible because of the obstacle, the resistance to any measures on guns.

Instead, people spend time and effort explaining and discussing the resistance and in effect resisting the resistance.

This diagram suggests that in order to solve this stalemate, a space needs to be constructed for the obstacles to be UNDERSTOOD and the conditions that favour the creation of said obstacle.

SO, if you want to resolve gun violence, per our example, then the way isn’t to fight the resistance but to study it. Once that resistance has its own space, the path to a solution is no longer crowded or diverted by side issues.

Across times

I ask Allaah for a hope in love that is robust and deeply ingrained in my heart. One that won’t budge in the face of the severest of hardships, one that won’t dim in the bleakest of outcomes. Hope in abundance, hope that leaves no room for cynicism, hope that is impervious to demonic efforts. A love that lights for those in need of light, warms those huddled in the cold, nourishes those who are starved in despair, and keeps me going on the path to Him, not veering off it for any fear or doubt. A love that imbues me with the nostalgia of Jannah, to which I’m traveling and hoping to arrive safe and sound, by the admission of al-Wadood, the Most Loving.

Hold it close

I’ve been tryna get into the head of stupid and evil people but I literally can’t. I can’t even imagine how someone can be evil or dumb. Like, I’m never able to definitely say that a person is evil or stupid, even if it’s Trump or Honey boo boo standing in front of me. I always try to see the validity in what people say and try to understand it. If something doesn’t make sense I assume that there’s something I’m missing. Is that normal? I genuinely wonder because when people cuss each other out or label one another in the comments section I can’t understand where their confidence and conviction comes from. I constantly doubt and question myself. Of course, it’s caused me a lot of harm because I spent too long overanalyzing my initial intuition about someone or a situation, which is probably because I don’t trust myself as I should. And that’s because I’ve always been questioned all my life, on my ideas, thought patterns, perceptions etc. People would dismiss me as weird or odd instead of trying to understand because I guess it’s very uncomfortable to go down rabbit holes and beyond the normative thought patterns.

I’m afraid of being conclusive when I haven’t analyzed my idea critically because to build something on a falsehood or go on thinking I know the truth when I don’t is my absolute worst nightmare. I dread being shut out of the truth because of hasty calculations and overlooking vital details. I fear it as if I’m a neurosurgeon operating on a person’s brain. Dunno if that’s irrational or what. I guess I’m afraid of losing my connection to the truth and become like the brazen people I see in society who are so sure of their falsehoods. I never want to be that insensitive and oblivious. And that’s also why I don’t rush to judge someone because I’m afraid I’ll fall into arrogance and become like those I judge.

The truth is the only thing that matters to me. I don’t give a damn about myself or whether I’m making an absolute fool out of myself. I’m zeroed in on the truth, afraid to blink in case I lose it.

Divine Imagination

I’m over pursuing forms, outcomes, goals, details. Done. I’m the form. And I want what feels smooth and congruent to my form. I’m not here to recreate the wheel. I’m here to ride it and figure out all the different things I can do with it. I want to focus on expansion, connection, flow, allowance. I want my spirit to accommodate a representation of the divine will. I want nothing but the divine will. I want only to seek and make space for the divine will in my life and discover how it manifests in this world. Just as I am a manifestation of the divine will, I want to know what else Allaah intended when He created me. I want to understand Him, from my pov.

A dog-eat-dog world is cannibalistic

Because I used to fear isolation and being ostracized, I came to fear my feelings or more specifically, I’d fear the implications of having feelings that put me at odds with those around me. So I came to seek comfort in validation because it was killing 2 birds with 1 stone ; I got to escape the tension arising from my inner conflict of navigating a world that was do dialectically opposed to me, and I got my existential fear of being stranded quelled by the lack of resistance from others ( i. e. acceptance).

Of course, the struggle and tension didn’t leave me just because I left me. It became even more volatile and threatening, spurring more inauthenticity and people pleasing in a bid to flee myself. I didn’t want to bear the burden of potentially alienating others because of me.

I suffered the consequences of seeking harbour in others and I lived through the flipside of being accepted ; enslavement. I was effectively emotionally enslaved, both by my rejection of self that made it impossible to be autonomous and the constant existential threat embodied in social acceptance and belonging. It took me years to dig my way out of this because it was like hopping from the frying pan into the fire. Not only did I have to deal with my own existential crisis, but I had to be a mule for others emotions and issues. I became entangled in so much toxicity and I realized that the type of people who’d accept giving me harbour were the polar opposite of my dysfunction. They were the aggressors and those wielding and hoarding power to use people like me. I really learnt a lot in those dynamics and it was as close to hell as I could get on earth. It was the contrast I needed to endure my own tension and battles.

Now I seek comfort in accepting and validating my feelings even if doing this alienates others. It just means that those who are deterred by my authentic feelings are fundamentally incompatible with me and moving away from people whose energy resist me gives me the world I need to truly thrive and be amongst those who resonate with me.

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