Reasons why I can’t function

I was made to ask questions and be a witnessing student to the unfoldment of answers.

But society demands I be a student to the questions and that I duly look for their answers.

I’m sorry sir but I can’t play pretend with you acting divine and yet your perspective is so… unrefined.

When knowledge obscures

We create with emotions and when we are disconnected from certain emotions we erroneously think up scenarios and goals we can pursue that could produce those feelings. For instance, we feel disconnected from abundance or stillness, so we think if we buy luxurious things or declutter or read books that teach us that, we’ll end up accessing those emotions but that’s false. That’s why people pour so much into dreams and careers that they end up feeling unfulfilled from. Action or thought can’t reconnect you to a lost feeling.

So much in the world goes wrong when we apply the same analytical and predictable methods we use in scientific approaches, because we warp and distort what we mistakenly assume is broken. A disconnection in feeling entails a mental block that disrupts the internal flow of clarity. This is either by cognitive dissonance where an internal value clashes with the world view we’ve come to adopt externally, or a resistance to the consequences of embodying those feelings. So the issue isn’t the feeling but the unaccounted for and hitherto unknown mental factor that puts a spoke in the wheel of holistic (well)being.

Are we taught this? No. Why? Because we overvalue and overestimate the known and possessed, so much so that we are willing to give up emotional freedom for a bit of control. But what you control limits you. What you can’t control forces you to step inside yourself and become a whole you instead of a part of everything else.

Lose the weight of your soul

I just realized that my intense desire to be approved of and loved by others had to do with my wish to lose myself in the group, not become prominent. I wanted to get rid of the part that seemed to create conflict and friction: my will.

Girl, unbothered

Only judge yourself by the truth, even if that truth isn’t perceived by those who judge you. The truth won’t necessarily shield you from the transgressions of those blind to it, but it’ll protect you from ingesting their mental waste.

Going back to infinity

No healing can take place when disconnected or dissociated from the entry wound. It may take a long while before you’ll be able to return to the crime scene, the impact crater. It’s a time travel through pain, so don’t feel worried or ashamed if you’re unable to just yet. Focus on making contact with this moment before you think about your existential radius. Try to offload your mind because the more you press it to figure out what it’s not equipped to do, you create more fragmentation and trauma. The stillness of one moment reconnects you to your essence, and your essence is always connected to the divine.

The point is, the longer you can remain present without forcing, the more you’ll come together inside. Healing is about the process to make all of you return to your core after a trauma your mind wasn’t equipped for dispersed your presence and anchorage in your body. Your spirit was evacuated because your body was flooded with stress hormones which are like constant missiles flying overhead and never ending sirens.

You don’t have to fix or figure anything out to be ok again. You don’t have to trauma-proof the world to feel safe again. When you learn to feel safe in your body, you won’t have to rely on your mind keeping guard. You’ll be full of love and you’ll be able to withstand anything because of that strong inner presence. Nothing can budge that or destroy that. You’re still hopeful and aware, despite all the trauma and hopeless nights. That’s all the proof you need; you’ve survived this long without active healing. Imagine what devoting yourself to bringing all of you back to your body would do and mean?


When the will and desire to live and flow gets thwarted, it petrifies into its shadow form which is the desire to wither and die. The energy flows inversely and adversely, turning the mind against the heart.

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