Some people be like Saturn

Your truth doesn’t need words to be. It’s a derivative of the One whose witness never fails or falters. So if others deny or downplay your personal experiences, don’t take the reactivity bait because that’ll enter you into a never-ending mental imprisonment of constantly trying to establish your truth outside yourself. Only love can provide the nuance that accepts your truth. So if you have to explain or anticipate invalidation or skepticism then that’s a sign that it’s an inhospitable space for your truth. Don’t force yourself into that atmosphere.

Wildin’ out?

When someone refuses to acknowledge and heal their pain they develop toxic behavioural patterns because they perpetuate the patterns that caused the pain they are in denial of.

So while we can empathize with someone’s core wounds, this can’t be used as an excuse for their toxic behaviours. Hurt people don’t hurt people. There are plenty of hurt people who are too conscientious and sensitive to inflict the pain that they feel.

Toxic people hurt people.


Don’t internalize people’s thoughts (about you). Most of it is automated spam that circulates through their mind unhindered like a runaway train. The inevitable crash is neurotic.


Feel all of your Self all of the time without trying to make the stream run into the ocean of your mind
Stop trying to control, confine, retain, manage, analyze, postpone, protect, mitigate, quarantine what flows through each moment for the first time ever in the existence of everything

You’re expending your all holding back an inevitable tide from coming in
Meanwhile you’re dying to be cooled, to be washed over with the new, to be swept away
You’re dying for the very thing you’re fighting.

Connected in the dark

Just because a person gets it doesn’t mean they get you.

You’re not a concept to be explained but a complexity to connect to. And unless the person can spare space for incoming awareness of you, they simply are too full to see you as a whole. And it’s not neither’s fault. You just need to move out of the crowded orbits into the edge of the dark silence. Defy your fear of loneliness and oblivion. Don’t steal connections by luring people in with what’s familiar and favourable to them. It’ll wear out and it’ll wear you out.

As long as you don’t lose sight of yourself you’ll be witnessed and accompanied by God. You don’t need to worry about those sent by God as they’re sent with love and love clears out space within for the ability to connect without.

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