Heuristic love

The greatest and purest things in life aren’t attainable through the mind, only receivable through the heart. Ego has no stake in it and that’s why most miss out on the cosmic beauty that is ready to rain down on them. The ego hates being soaked in anything but its own fumes

My love for him resurrected everything in me that I had turned off the lights to, turned my back to, eager to get away from the flickering shadows of what I thought I could never achieve. What my soul was yearning for wasn’t to possess the forms in the shadows, but to be contained by divine light.

Completion, not perfection

I think cats are here to teach us the mysterious art of the feminine energy. Dogs exemplify the healthy masculine energy ; protective, of service, loyal, alert. Don’t be a man’s bitch. Find your rhythm.Trust it. Move to nothing but your cyclical cadence.

Wounded healers and energy stealers

The kindest people are usually survivors of the worst of human nature. It’s like the extreme polarity gave them the contrast to protect against what they don’t want to become, precisely because they’ve suffered. It’s like their empathy transmuted the evil they were afflicted with into healing and love for others.

Courthouses and corpses

This whole the future is female bs and fake women empowerment is ominous. It reminds me of the independence wave of colonies that curiously coincided with WW2 🤔

Any revolution that seems to unravel too easily is one being pushed downhill by the powers that be. If they can’t stop the uprising, they’ll infiltrate the ranks and use ego tactics to deflect and divert.

Power should never be something we aspire for. You’ll recognize a genuine revolution if it’s aimed at healing and restoration.

Wake me up when that’s the mantra.

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