Imperfection is a divine creation

Understanding my inadequacy and limitations without falling into self-flagellation or use that as justification to reject myself is the single most difficult task I’ve ever had to endure. I had to feel through my vulnerabilities to connect with them and seek divine grace from a connected place. I realized I couldn’t do that while detached or dissociated from these parts of me encased in toxic shame both from myself and society. I had to transmute the overlay to restore the innocence of my weaknesses.

It’s not a sin to be human. But it feels that way. It feels like being human is the fall from grace, as if being superhuman would have allowed us to remain in the garden. I realize this is an ancient demonic mind control narrative to make us reject our humanity and thus displace us from the only center we could receive divine guidance. It has Iblees written all over it and it scares me how intricate these lies get, the deeper you delve into the psyche.

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