People who rush to cancel people and shame people into canceling controversial figures without allowing space for processing what exactly is happening are the worst, fake-deep, manipulative people who lack boundaries and respect for others. Period. The public sphere is a shared space. It’s not where you establish the rules and dictate what happens. Even if it’s downright shitty, it’s not anyone’s right to try to stop the train because although we share train (space) we operate in our own individual timelines that unfold in unique ways that bear meaning. So to jump the gun with projections and letting the bullets of your own unprocessed agitation fly is transgressing. You have power over your own timeline to choose what to align with and what to divert from but that doesn’t mean you get to create a moralistic hegemony where you actively seek to punish those who don’t pick your side.

Mind you I’m not talking about people who justify evil or who defend evildoers. I’m not talking about people who use deception and are deluded. I’m talking about people who are still undecided or unaware or confused. The only time I’ll ever check anyone is when they try to warp or influence the perspective and perception of others as if others are an extension of their ego. I take that shit super seriously because I know the repercussions. I’ve lived and suffered through people who don’t allow you emotional freedom, who make you feel unsafe if you can’t convince them, who extrapolate false interpretations from your actions to somehow confirm a suspicion they harbour. It’s not ok to intrude on people. It’s not ok to choose to stay and make the person feel how you feel about them instead of just removing yourself from their circle.

Keep your judgements to yourself. Keep your half-baked theories to yourself that burn any nuance at the stake. Just shush. Justice has never ever ever ever ever prevailed by goading others into confessing their shortcomings to you. Let people save face and allow them grace. That is much more likely to make them feel safe enough to sacrifice their attachments and whatever else their ego may have identified with. Just a thought for 2019.

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