Insane idea..

But what if we’re meant to ‘download’ the soul’s perspective in this lifetime in order to create a recorded timeline in our hearts that prevails after death and the degree to which a person is ‘inspired’ by their soul is their rank in paradise and paradise is only accessible to those who lived beyond the mind in this life. And Hellfire is for those who exclusively or mostly lived a mind based and therefore soulless existence.

So they would carve out the very trajectory that leads straight to hell. And we catch a glimpse of how tyrannical and torturous the mind can be when we consider depression, suicide, bigotry, wars, etc. Where we either turn against ourselves or the other.

I read something in Ibn al-Qayyim’s al-Fawaaid years ago that stuck with me

حال العبد في القبر كحال القلب في الصدر، نعيماً وعذاباً، وسجناً وانطلاقاً.

The servant’s state in the grave is analogous to the state of the heart in the chest ; in terms of bliss v agony, and constraint v openness

Feeling is an essential indicator of the spirit

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