A teflon state of mind

I’m constantly reminded of the fact that I don’t belong; on Reddit, when guests come over and I have to do my best impression of someone not in agony because of severe depression, inane YouTube comments, the conversational limitations set by people I know simply because they can’t avail themselves to the presence of mind or tolerating discomfort in entertaining nuances and lateral thinking.

It makes it easier for me to remain focused on the fact that my gig on this planet is just a gig. It was never meant to be complete. I find existential fulfillment in being and remaining aware of that because that gives me a frame of reference to put things into perspective. Aint-shit-stuff is normal, it’s fine, relax. People are ignorant and bigoted, it’s fine. No, really. The seeds of their own destruction or elevation lies in their character. No one goes unchecked, so I don’t need to monitor people. I just need to make sure that others don’t take me away from what I know. That’d be pretty dumb.

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