This transition is a transmission

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what love just is – many years in fact, and I’d always end up with the question that I started with.

I asked Allaah just now to inspire me, to give me love to move through and with instead of fear, to grant me clarity. And then it hit me: love isn’t a one quality. Love is whatever fuels and drives wellbeing and cohesiveness. I’ve been looking at it in an inverted way by thinking it’s this one meaning and that’s just how the mind, the masculine energy, works; it separates and focuses. That’s why I’d never get it, because by its very nature it can’t be dualistic and it can’t only serve one purpose.

Then I got, love is what preserves the wholeness in the individual part and gives life to the individual part inside the whole. Meaning, it connects to the bigger picture and it bridges loneliness.

It becomes different things when alchemized in different equations; abundance as a resource, creativity as a skill, marriage as sexuality, understanding as conflict resolution, empathy as tackling inequality, passion as ambition, healing as crisis management.

It’s the transcendental element in the world. It’s what catalyzes potential once we set our intentions to go there.

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