Dimensions of more

Flow freely – that is abundance. It doesn’t matter where you end up – the path is made of bliss. If you come across a mountain don’t let your first instinct be I’m stuck or I must move it. Why do you feel that you have to destroy what existed before you? Obstacles are really meeting places where the divine winds have deliberately steered you towards – the journey is not one of distance or acquisition but to rid oneself of the density that blocks awareness.

You’re the path. The external world is only an aid and a mirror to contrast – and contest – your level of awareness which really is gauged by your clarity.

At times you may be convinced that you’re in a flow when really you’re on a merry-go-round. And at other times you may despair at your ‘stuckness’ when really you’re diving deep in subterranean waters. It’s not always about how you feel because for instance, when you’re freeing up blocked energy you’ll feel it as it moves through you. Having awareness of pain is a sign that you’re healing.

You have to be discerning of every event and turn because you can’t be sure what you’re meant to learn or do. Taking things for granted or being outwardly fixated can have you barking up the wrong tree – or scaling the wrong mountain.

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