Stepping back in line

I’m realizing that I’ve adapted my life to avoid negative energy at all cost. I’ve always been a target ever since I was young. Was bullied most of my school years, some teachers had it in for me because they thought I was a smart mouth or lazy, and adults exploited and abused me. I’ve never been one to retaliate because that’d only mean I’d be exposed to counterattacks and honestly I just wanted to minimize that energy. I just wanted to feel safe.

I’m learning now that I have to find a way to be safe in my energy field even if I have to interact or cross paths with energy vampires or narcissists. That’s the next step in my growth and I don’t know much about how that would play out. I know that it has to do with becoming grounded in my spirit and having full access and control over my extrasensory abilities and awareness. I surrender the rest to Allaah to teach me.

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