Targeted Individuals

I’ve seen their videos on YouTube and while it may have been tempting to dismiss it as psychosis or schizophrenia, I tried to have empathy and to at least hear them out. Whatever it is, they aren’t faking it. Their agony and fear is very real. I realized they must be possessed and/or stalked by demonic entities that are interdimensional and therefore can interfere with thoughts and feelings. Also, they could control their minds and of course they’d turn the individual’s focus outwardly to evade detection, while also setting the individual up for invalidation and dismissal, to further fragment their ( i.e. individual) grasp on reality.

I have a hard time believing that their efforts (T. I.) and theories and experiences are random byproducts of a malfunctioning brain. I think dimensions are leaking through and blending so that they lose grounding in their bodies and in this reality.

Also, I’ve noticed an immense surge in the interest of the occult and their symbology in the last 2 years, as well as the machinations of a deep state that operates by masonic codes, orchestrating false flags and such. I think it’s a ploy to distract. I genuinely believe these convincing conspiracies are the pied piper meant to lure people away from remaining grounded and centered in their awareness, whilst convinced that the rabbit holes they’re going into is enlightenment.

It’s all unbeneficial knowledge that only causes imbalance and overwhelms the person. It’s not necessary to know everything that’s happening behind closed doors and it’s not necessary to predict the future in order to remain safe. You remain secure by being present in your heart and paying attention to your feelings and not your thoughts. Your thoughts can be interfered with so easily, but that’s not the case with your heart. The more you remain present and feeling into everything that arises within you, the more your energy is safeguarded. But when you go down rabbit holes and follow leads that pop into your thought stream, you’re leaking and hemorrhaging your life energy. You’re at risk of self-fragmentation and you’re opening yourself up for spiritual attacks and mental invasions by negative forces, if only the manipulation of toxic people.

Connect to the outside reality through God. That’s how you stay protected and whole at all times. He knows what you can’t see and nothing escapes His watchful eye and nothing occurs that doesn’t have a higher purpose. Surrender your mind to Him. And don’t accept anything that hasn’t been brought to you by Him. Don’t pursue what makes you uneasy. Don’t.

2 responses to Targeted Individuals

  1. I get reminded of my mind-to-mind connection with the ones experiencing being targeted and the ones who are involved in focusing negatively on ones called targets. I’m always encouraged to take a moment and see the fundamental innocence of the ones who seem to be the conduits for the negative energy and also to see the power of the one who seems to be showing up as a victim.

    It gets presented to me as a sort of game of “Here, kitty, kitty…”

    By that I mean that our minds truly are one, and I am always calling all minds toward the reality of Heaven or the illusion of hell. So I stop and say, “Okay, I know your power. And you over there, I know your innocence. Also, I know that power and that innocence is mine, too.”

    My “friends” say that just sitting in that puddle of our Oneness and knowing it to be true helps everyone. For the ones who seem to be conduits of negativity (who are only reflecting how we do the same), my sitting in the puddle may seem to affect them negatively by putting a wrench in their works, but it’s ultimately very helpful for them, so I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone.

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