Life has no audience, only collaborators

I was just thinking about having this ingrained belief that unless I deliver perfect results, it’s all in vain, I should just stay out of the way until I can muster that performance. And I realized that this has held back my reality from taking shape because of these conditions. And these conditions aren’t even ones enacted by the divine, despite Allaah being the only perfect and complete being. He allows for imperfection to take place and form; we have to contend with shortcomings and disappointments and natural disasters and birth defects in babies.

I never realized that Allaah was teaching us to find beauty and gratitude even in the smallest of expression of life. Perfectionism is demanded by ego, but it’s vulnerability and authenticity that concerns the soul. And forgoing perfect results to make my imperfect presence known is far more meaningful than I imagined. It’s not about the detached outcomes, but the outcome of me as a result of interacting with life.

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