The game controls you 🎮

It’s like millennial men see women as NPCs (non-player character). An accessory and complement to their game of life. It’s almost as if they haven’t prepared for when a woman acts out of alignment with the matrix. Like they don’t have a reference or baseline for anything outside the game of the matrix. They know how to respond but not how to encounter. As if they fear discovering that their power and capabilities experienced through having mastered the game would somehow be nullified or exposed as fraudulent in encountering a woman unconditionally.

Perhaps what people refer to as toxic or hypermasculinity is this identifying with the framework of this game setup that rewards and defines their moves in the ‘right’ direction (conformity). This same setup indirectly threatens them with the loss of the vitality that surges through them whilst they’re active in the game. It’s a mind control of the system to make them think that the only way to feel alive is to play by the book and that life can only be found in certain configurations.

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