Par for the course

I’m really affected by toxic and false thoughts. I’m finding myself avoiding and retreating from the collective more and more, as the new energy is pushing everything unconscious and dormant to the surface. People are being triggered out of their deep unconsciousness and automatic living. This causes a spike in thought loops in an attempt at controlling or at least mitigating the experience of a disintegrating ego that corresponds to a disintegration of old structures.

People are unable to think clearly because there’s so much ego at risk, and fear has been deeply ingrained in us. I think the more we’ve developed and acquired, the deeper the fear of losing all of that is. And as it stands, people who are unable to break free from their tyrannical minds will be culled by the system to try to keep it alive.

It’s a lot of noise and disruption that I’m channeling, so I need to stay away from all drama and chaos to be able to keep my mind grounded. I don’t engage in a lot of thinking as I try to just remain aware and empty of form until things take shape organically. I’ve found that the safest place to be is as deep as you can go inside yourself. Not hiding through dissociation or other mental techniques, but actually being deeply immersed in the noumenon, the reality beyond the immediate sensory world. Alignment with and in surrender to the divine Will.

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