The devil is in the details

I realized that I’ve always gotten the short end of the stick in my general interactions and relationships with people because I put them to the task of dividing the stick, thinking they would do me justice. I let them dictate who I was by what I did, thinking they would be fair and just. I really did. I was taught this, that people were objective witnesses of me and if I didn’t get the desired validation it’s because I wasn’t worthy of it.

It’s not easy to find your way out of social conditioning, to find the crack in the simulation to realize it’s not really you and that the system isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In fairness, we’re extremely rudimentary and limited as humans. We know more about the external world than the internal ; the psyche. So we’re bound to project everything outwards and have that be the be all, end all. Of course, there will be those who manipulate this blindspot to their favour.

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