Man down.

The whole Tina Knowles and Richard Lawson debacle where people were saying she emasculated him and you shouldn’t disrespect your man, makes me so uncomfortable.

A man should be and feel respected, supported and appreciated. However this shouldn’t come at the expense of self-censorship or monitoring oneself to not trigger any uncomfortable reactions in him. A woman isn’t the custodian of a man’s feelings.

A woman isn’t the custodian of a man’s feelings

Halllooowww? Can you hear me? A man who feels emasculated by a woman’s self-expression is immature and entitled af! Are people seriously suggesting that a woman bow down to his ego? Yo, this is so whack especially because I hate men like that. They disgust me. For real. I would never ever ever marry a man who is that fragile and who I have to coddle and hold myself back just in case. Let him talk!!

Men need to learn to communicate instead of relying on women picking up on their cues and emotional needs

And women are the maintainers of the status quo precisely through this dynamic of keeping a man comfortable where he is. Men need to learn to own their emotions, to own their space, to express their truths, to cut off toxic women who leech on them, to enforce boundaries, to self-regulate, to give up the external glory for inner stability and transcendental meaning. To find an outlet for masculinity through contributing, not collecting.

Men need tough love, not more coddling. They’ve been coddled far too long and their initial reaction to women taking a step back is being resentful and joining movements like MGTOW (men go their own way). It’s quite literally like a child throwing a tantrum, threatening the parents with plans of running away from home.

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