Africans are the most unscrupulous people on the earth. They literally sold out to the colonizers and slave traders.

I’m saying this as someone who’s lived on the continent for 8 of my adult years. It would be ice cold if it weren’t for the equator.

Arabs are the most rigid because their environment has no gentleness and so they try to pretend they don’t need it anyway.

Desis are the most insecure because they think they can work their way out of the inferiority they inherited from the British who gave them a false sense of meaning by having them build railways and fight wars around the commonwealth on their behalf.

Stereotypes are true insofar as people remain in their egos. No one’s ego is more exceptional or less destructive than the other – some turn that destruction outwardly and others turn it inwardly.

When, in the case of Africans, we turn the destruction against ourselves, we make room for more destruction to flourish. It’s akin to the rainforests being cut down by corporations. Protecting and honouring the Soul is more important than being kind to others. Being good to the soul brings nothing but more goodness to others. But one can be kind out of fear or obligation or habit. It’s not the act that dignifies.

Stop defending your nation, culture. What’s good in it is universally good and recognized. No need to defend it. Goodness is divine and emblematic.

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