Making others look small is the superpower of the West

I’m not an MMA fan or watcher, but I caught wind of the Conor- Khabib fight, Khabib being a hardened Dagestani-Russian Muslim who grew up in the icy Caucasus region wrestling bears as a 7 year old. He not only refused to let go of Conor until he slammed the floor a whole 12 times as he tapped out, but he went after his team who had been taunting and bullying Khabib, his father and Islaam, before the show. He jumped over the cage and decided to talk to them with his fists.

No shit talker and no friend of respectability politics, he was once asked how he felt missing the birth of his son on the night of a fight he had earlier this year. Furrowing his brows and shaking his head wondrously he asked, why I need be there? We have different mentality. I can ask God help her and that’s it.

Clearly this guy isn’t going to bow down to the Western overlords. And even after he was repeatedly provoked by Conor’s shit talking cowardice (he and his mates attacked Khabib’s team bus back in March, injuring people), he respectfully apologized to the UFC and sporting agencies and said this wasn’t his best side. When has Conor EVER???

But no. Here come the gaslighting and the claiming of moral high ground by the likes of Dana White and Joe Rogan : oh this is a black eye on the sport, this is outrageous. He should have his belt stripped. There should be a rematch. This is embarrassing. This isn’t what we want any kids watching to learn ( a former MMA champion, Dominick Cruz legit said this). Womp womp wooooooooomp.

One thing I’ve noticed about white people, when all else fails, act civilized and classy. White men do this. White women do this. It’s their ultimate defense. Throw stones, hide hands and then frame the narrative. Media is their greatest weapon. But people are sick of it, and are flipping the bird on this manipulative code that they can build and deactivate when it suits them.

A Somali girl said on Twitter that Islaam is the only thing white people fear because they haven’t been able to subvert it. And it’s true. White women feel challenged by Muslim women because they don’t want to fall in line to kiss the hands of the saviours of all women of humanity. They desperately try time after time to be portrayed as these nurturers of the world by saving kids in Africa and girls in Kurdistan and Afghanistan. There’s nothing more venomous about this hypocritical virtue signalling.

And white men try to liberate and defend freedom by dropping bombs during the day and looting oil at night.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. White culture is a disease in the human collective. It’s the mind that has gotten too big for its place and tries to invade the heart. It’s AI – consciousness without empathy.

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