Where the spirits have migrated

I think that the reason why Africa as a whole hasn’t been able to flourish and progress as expected is because Africans have had a unique connection to the land that I’d argue no other place has. Everyone else has the experience of uprooting and migrating to foreign lands locked in their genetical memory, but Africans retained those strong roots to the earth. As such they developed this kind of symbiosis with the environment, a panpsychism that is like a living aura surrounding all things in interconnected consciousness. This was fragmented and destroyed by colonialism and the Europeans placed the mind as a wedge between Africans and the world ; insisting that the only civilized way of being is through thought and not feeling.

Africans haven’t been able to reconnect to what imbues them with vigor and animation. They were stranded in their minds by the colonizers after they had exhausted their mental force and decided to pack up and go home. They are still dissociated and disconnected from the traumatized land.

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