This iceberg won’t thaw on its own

I’m no longer bothering with engaging people who still have a problem grappling with their reality and who expect others to untangle their perception for them. People who still react viscerally and whose main pov is their childhood wounds. I wish you the best but if you’re still resisting what is 20 years later, I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re not facing the same direction.

That’s not to say I’m intolerant of people who may be in the beginning stages of their healing. Absolutely not. It’s not about a hierarchy or hegemony but simply the question of – are you willing to look at why things haven’t been working the way you expected them to?

That’s it. I’ve discovered there’s a species amongst us who would rather see the world go up in flames than acknowledge that they aren’t as omnipotent and omniscient as they have led themselves to believe. These are the people I will be avoiding like Chernobyl. There ain’t no guiding someone who believes they can’t ever go wrong. And I’m not about to waste my life tiffing over someone’s choice of channel.

I don’t know what’s right and I don’t aim to convince others of what I’m in uncertainty about. I seek what’s right in every moment, and I explore what went wrong. When my writing is geared towards others it’s expressly to help them uncover the unconscious biases and blindspots of the shadow. That’s all. Clarity. What people do after they see clearly is obviously their fundamental intention and that’s beyond my lane.

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