Transcend the algorithms

All these Muslim women in the public eye deflecting accountability by telling people to mind their own business are missing the point completely by focusing too much on the hate and not the truth. The truth is, your values are slipping and it’s because you’ve developed a taste for being validated and praised for your beauty. Your hijaab is holding your ego back, you see. The haters and trolls are a reflection of your shadow that you don’t acknowledge, so you attract these crude people who shit on you. Own your truth. Being in the public eye, getting your living and networking from being supported by all these people, you can’t use the clichéd refrain of ‘mind your own business’ when you’ve made a business from being minded by others. Come on, you can do better than lazy rhetorics.

When you don’t honour your soul and truth in favour of being glorified – let’s keep this all the way a buck- then you’ll be humiliated. This isn’t about the hijab. It’s not about sinning. It’s about authenticity and self-awareness. It’s about the fact that you can’t pick and choose the kind of attention you’ll get, and in fact it’s a grace from Allaah that you’re being trolled to stop you from dissolving and fitting in completely. Self-deception is insidious and inconspicuous, and trolls have a way of finding the hidden sore spot. But don’t let what others say obscure you from the truth in you.

It’s a slippery slope, the loosening of the hijaab, because it’s an outer protection of your divine feminine energy that is exploited in this world. Just keep in mind the possibility that this may lead to your faith slipping away just as gradually. We don’t control faith, we can only protect what we have of it and hope for more. If you’re living in a way that isn’t in reverence of your principles, then you have to understand the full implications of that. You’re on shaky grounds. That’s all.

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