Beware of ego debris

While it’s easy to feign empathy when you feel safe and secure, the veneers start to come off when egos are on uncertain grounds. I wonder if even 1% of the world’s population today have genuine empathy. But I doubt it.

I came into this life expecting fairness because that’s what I’m wired towards. So while I was giving up my ego to make space for others grievances that I thought were vulnerable and based on genuine emotional distress, I was being looted and manipulated. The distress and complaining were a ruse to harvest emotional energy from others and to disarm people. The extents to which people have developed neurotic psychopathy and narcissistic mindsets would be pretty impressive, if it didn’t have such devastating effects.

People will vest so much of their spirit on reinforcing their justifications that reality is reflecting back to them as being incongruent and shoddy. They legit try to colonize reality and the truth lol. Don’t they know that it’s under divine jurisdiction? If it wasn’t, the world would have been destroyed long, long ago.

A word of advice to empaths : stop expecting people who can’t empathize to get it. It doesn’t matter how intellectually astute they seem, understanding is not a mental exercise. You have to be able to take in the whole to understand the part because the whole serves as context. These people use their egos and survival instincts as context for their perception. Anything that falls out of those borders gets distorted and discarded. Don’t get sucked into those mental jet engines.

Work on developing empathy for yourself and connecting your mind to the divine. Usually we operate in this manner

Society ➡️mind ➡️ emotions ➡️behaviour

As in, we observe what society requires from us so that we can belong and be seen. This controls how we feel and the choices we make. To break out of this system we gotto change the course of perception

emotions ➡️ mind➡️ behaviour ➡️society

Where the heart and mind connects before any action (behaviour) is taken. The interaction with society is one-way to prevent backflow of the collective shadow into your electromagnetic grid around your heart. This also means you give of yourself unconditionally and you come from a place of abundance and having your existential needs met by the divine.

Whereas before your mind was fed by society, it’s now fed by a cosmic perspective Whereas before your mind was fed by society, it’s now fed by a cosmic perspective.

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