The colour of the soul

Watching Eminem get so much hype at the mere sight of his name proves to me how conditioned we are to put more value to what comes from white culture. I don’t necessarily think it’s anyone’s fault, just that seeking validation in white culture inadvertently reinforces the inferiority that compelled you to seek validation in the most accessible representation of the world in the first place. That’s why I think framing a discussion about human potential and human oppression in a materialist, capitalistic setting is inherently self-sabotaging and futile. Also, identifying with the perception of those with access to more power is to victimize the self even more and rob oneself of the dignity of self-differentiation.

Many seek that self-differentiation in separation and creating isolated spaces but the groundwork of changing the course of identity and facilitating healing never takes place in the sensory world; what’s abstract and intuitive can only be grasped and connected to in the heart. Self-differentiation isn’t resistance or rebellion. It’s to purge the self from anything and everything that isn’t native to it. That means centering the experience in the feelings and not the perception; to find out how one feels about a thing allows one be self-defined and self-conforming instead of self-doubting and in search of an external trajectory to channel one’s focus to.

Self-differentiation is less about what one doesn’t like about the external world and more about what one desires and resonates with. In simpler terms, it’s the presence of the self by affirming all that one found lacking in the external world. It’s to give oneself what one never received from the parental or authority figures, by accepting that though one wasn’t affirmed fully by others, the very recognition of what is missing is the affirmation of the dimensions of the self. So it’s to orient in the world according to the space within the self, as if one was a spearheading, pioneering human. The truth is, we all are pioneering in that we were created to create our individual artefacts and contribute that to the world, as nature contributes its offerings of its fruits and cycles.

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