Pain trained me to heal

I’ve boiled down my existential desires to two major functions : outer clarity and inner stability.

Outer clarity : To see reality as it is, and not as others interpret or define it. This includes others validation and love of me. While I appreciate the love, I’d much rather connect and meet people in the flow and resonance, than zero in on the parts that only pertain to me. In the end, giving of myself unconditionally is giving to myself because I’d be feeding good energy into the world that then would improve my surroundings and the people around me. And because I can’t control how the external world shows up, focusing on giving will protect me from the invasion of destructive and fragmented energy.

Inner stability : To retain awareness of my inner universe regardless of what goes on in the sensory world. This includes forfeiting relying on others companionship and presence, as well as the extension of my expectations of wellbeing to include the outside world in how I want things to be set up or preserved. It’s a recognition and respect of the fact that the boundaries that divide myself and the external world are divine and by divine design. By me accepting the outer reality unconditionally, I can give up the inner resistance that would destabilize me.

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