Death by ideals

Definition and established concepts are far too narrow and unidirectional a continuity to host the multidimensionality of the soul, let alone hold space for its thriving. The known is old. The known is like fruits that grew from the roots ; it gives you a taste of life but can’t support it. Taking cues and motivation from the external world is like trying to collect the fruits that have fallen on the ground to make a tree out of them.

Can’t reverse engineer the divine spirit. You become before you do. A child has to grow for nearly 2 years (starting from conception) before they can walk properly. If the walking is an automatic step that comes from the maturation of the system, it follows that the doing isn’t critical. The doing follows naturally unless there’s a hinder in the system. So, stunt in development isn’t remedied by trying harder or pushing more. Go back to the root and see where the block is.

Should be common sense but in a world that fixates and lives for eating the fruits of what was only planted to give fruits, common sense is as undermined as the roots.

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