To Dhamcoog

Today was a rainy day and as usual I had a headache (cloudy weather affects me physically) and so when I discovered this new blog that had followed me, I had a cursory scroll through it when I was absolutely enthralled by the deeply introspective and lucid writing. I was inspired and honoured that such a gifted person would gravitate towards me. I wanted to follow back and read more when my headache eased.

To my heartbreak, the blog had been deleted in those hours and I was floored. I had no way of contacting the author and it suddenly came to me that this is how we miss out on so much beauty and inspiration in the world – people don’t feel safe in sharing something so vulnerable or they doubt its value because it’s not something mainstream.

And I wrote this, hoping the person reads this and changes their mind about hiding their work from the world :

The presence of truth is beautiful regardless of where it is or how distant it is. Even in the unknown, it has a gravitational pull on the collective unconscious, much like how the moon’s gravity creates tides on earth.

If you were gifted with insight, with intuition, with an ability to see where others can’t – please know that it’s a divine gift, an amaanah entrusted to you. Don’t bury it, don’t hide it in your self-doubt.

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