Courage inspires, it doesn’t frighten

The banner of some jihadi chick who just followed me. Sister on tawheed. How they have perverted the meaning of tawheed to single out their egos. How they have distorted Allaah’s holistic truth to give themselves license to unleash their sadistic impulses triggered by inferiority complex. How they have pitted the deen against the dunya as if the deen is a disembodied reality. How they have made the deen to be something nihilistic and fatalistic. How they worship at the altars of their suicidal urges and call that taqwa. How they seek hope in gore and unparalleled torture.

The truth is that if your jihaad was a genuine one, it’d construct and make things better because it’d be aided by a spirit from Allaah, and inspired with tawfeeq. But you act tough behind vpns and throwaway online accounts, and then hide and disperse like cockroaches when people are on to your true identity. That’s the epitome of cowardice.

What I’m glad about is that the toxic masculine energy abusing and corrupting the deen is being annihilated in the fires they started. That gives me solace. That Allaah has exposed you and stripped the air of veneration in Muslims hearts you were hiding behind. That people know through their fitra that carnage and gore isn’t how the divine operates. Your tally and track record drives a lot of traffic to Liveleak and satanic websites like that that get off of extreme torture and sadism. Your vicious methods inspire bored psychopaths.

You’re Iblees pet project and you make him proud, I’m sure. So there’s that.

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