Life shouldn’t be a gamble

It took me a while to get that the problems I was discovering weren’t ones I was causing or to be blamed for, but ones that gravitated to my curious and accepting inner space where human problems intrigue me. I tweak with the so-called unsolvables like a rubik’s cube, I fire up where people give up, I drool at discovering new layers of unknowns. To me it’s not about conquering and mastering, it’s about connecting and deepening. It’s about discovering how far life can go. I especially enjoy global complex problems, so-called wicked problems, because that’s where most people throw in the towel and straight up avoid because the efforts required don’t yield much ROI back. That’s where the least ego and resistance is, and consequently most humanity is. I love the peace and quiet, the unassuming and unassumed, the unpredictable and inconspicuous. I need to hyperfocus so simplicity and transparency are vital tools for me. I work not to acquire or to make something for myself, but to apply myself to what makes life easier for people – whether that’s decluttering and reorganizing at home or finding out possible explanations for ailments and clusters of symptoms to get a sick person’s inertia and hopelessness going in the right direction.

I love discovering themes and storylines to contextualize everything. I love the feeling of framing someone’s experiences in a way that makes them visibly relieved and unburdened. Rearranging the chess pieces to get the stalemate out of the way so that they can see that their moves are working.

I hate that since WW2 this world has become characterized by increasingly clandestine and stealthy influence and dynamics as a way to get ahead. Throwing stones and then quickly hiding hands effectively gaslights people into thinking they can’t trust their perceptions anymore because those responsible are involved in a global cloak-and-dagger scheme to advance without giving anything away. Essentially distorting and warping the shared sensory world that we all take cues from. Now it’s no longer clear whether you’re seeing what you’re seeing or what they want you to see.

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