Can I open my eyes now?

Watching Obama’s eulogy and how people were fawning over what a true president and a man of integrity looks like, I realized that what’s wrong with the world isn’t the politicians. It’s the people expecting and feeling entitled to good things without contributing to either upholding the good or remedying the evil.

Someone in the comments section asked, how did we end up with this shame and disgrace? And someone replied, ask Trump voters.

Are people content lacking self-awareness and being confined by a reality created by others? People would much rather have someone to put their shadow on than to actually do shadow-work and really question and challenge reality. As long as things look and sound good they’re fine because they are surface dwellers. What’s in the depths holds no importance to them. Ironically that’s the very mindset that causes destruction to spread far and wide before anyone steps in. Waiting for things to reach the surface means that you have no roots to be grounded in. Maybe that’s why people are so obsessed with image and decorum ; their stability lies in the illusion that everything is fine.

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